There’s always a Silver Lining ,


Trying to find the horizon?

Where should we go? We’ve got a job, and that’s it… We feel excited , happy and sad, intimidated & jealous,  The Digital Advances filling the minds with negativity (but not all the time of course & we should admit it’s a fact)  Always on  Facebook? there we see someone posting about themselves  being promoted, posting their pictures everywhere – anywhere, posting new shoes or dress, all good and bad things are posted, for some reasons I am a bit jealous , why I can’t be them, suddenly wind blows, in a moment of silence you will realized happy or not, you are just the same, they’ve got what you don’t and vice versa, that I think is the balance of life, why we are all here, to fill every pieces missing (No Man is an Island) and that is what we call the art of living, life..

If we let our self be devoured by the negativity that surrounds us we will be locked in a four corner of life, silently eaten by the negativity, but wait negativity is also a spice of life.. (  :



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