Thoughts Yesterday @2237H


Bored? In the house, in school, at work – you’re doing the same thing over and over again, someone learns nothing, got nothing, no changes, no progress, nothing ..

You’re not happy anymore, what will you do?

Hard to think – wah, you didn’t know where to start, jeez you’re getting insane, gaining weight – it’s fine, I warned you, you might enjoyed, you got the benefits, nothing else – self centered, selfish, awww — we do that for sometime .. real story, real thing – reality, Oh, wait I’ve got something, hmmmmmmmmm.. I want this, I want that, i wanna be like this, I wanna help, tsk, tsk, tsk, deep sigh ..

Really can’t handle? answer – look above , then vow your head, utter the words, no movements for a while, start with yourself – first step ..


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