Personal Thoughts

Cover is a house, Shelter is a Home .. 

Space were made not for separation but for connection – so don’t make period.

Your background will not always be the basis on how far or how high you can go.

Love is time well spent – for time is made of love

There’s really no point in writing anything of depth for sometimes – for there’s a point that you are the only one who knows what you are trying to say.

Acknowledged is better than to be understood – acknowledged needs to be understood and understood is just understood..

There’s no appreciation to something that was lost.

Kindness is followed by happiness as always – it’s genuine .

One of the best emotions we could have are Laughter through tears.

Working hard is for our dream, letting things happen is fate..

Whisper you can only feel – wind.. 

Setting an expectation will keep you low & still.. 

When i feel likes i’m good at doing it – quotations .. (  :


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