Random Thought/s

Opinion to prostitution – the unsolved, fast growing and or business in the living world that  threatens the inner core and moral value of a person, a danger to public health, and worst of all the highest form of violence among women most probably, a criminal act, an abuse , the most painful thing to do among women, an act of belittling , in business world (some might consider) it is the easiest way of earning  ‘money’ – serves as the most powerful thing on Earth.Some people engage on this thing maybe because of depression ( the feeling of worthlessness , helplessness or hopelessness i.e your parents send you to school, after graduating you’re just in the house, waiting for the fortune to come (maybe), sometimes there comes a point that we should admit finding help to a family member is a big challenge for us, plus the fact that they are not aware of what is really happening to you, sometimes you don’t have enough courage to tell them, it is always be better to be open most especially to your family, in the end if you’re not – it will be a tragic.)

Opinion to  poverty –  the ultimate cause of prostitution, lack of education, deception, psychological problem , name it, this things are contributors, the feeling of hunger – basic needs, emotional  & spiritual needs. The foundation of crime. The foundation of Unity.

Success is never easy – it requires sweat, concentration, inspiration, time, name it – all things are concerning factors – it’s interconnected ..

  • Zy

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