50+ words before 2016 Ends ( :

It’s not about just enjoying but enjoying with difficulty.
If you’re broke or in pain breathe in & breathe out regain your life again and don’t run, stand up & pray.
As long as we can help, let’s do that.
Don’t be one sided.
Don’t give up.
Be kind it’s always free.
Keep those fond memories.
Sit down & try to reorganize every memories you have in the mind & especially in the heart.
Always do what makes you happy.
Always make the most of it especially if it’s the first time.
We should keep up with the time, because not everything that will work today will work tomorrow.
Remember to always communicate.
Happiness the very effective antidote for illness.
The secret of happiness is peace – peace in the heart.
We don’t have to be rich to be happy.
Be as you are.
You are what you do. ( :
Keep life going.
Easy comes, easy go.
Be silly.
Trust yourself.
Keep those & things that matters the most.
Take every chances.
Best things in life aren’t things.
Be proud of yourself.
Be independent as you can, and never hesitate to ask for help if you needed to.
Don’t get confuse when it isn’t raining that your face is wet – it’s normal & healthy.
Waiting is so difficult – so act, don’t mind the time, instead mind the act.
When you wake up tomorrow – pray.
Life gives you take ( :
Always move forward, but never forget to look backward.
Avoid judging.
Don’t forget to smile.
Read & let positivity soak in.
Always be grateful.
Talk to strangers.
Love yourself.
Respect yourself.
Respect others.
Kindness defines the heart.
Leave the online world for sometime.
Cheer up.
Forgive little by little.
Laugh more often.
Appreciate little things especially the unrecognizable ones.
We learn lessons from the everyone.
Break the barriers.
Always pray.
Don’t give up.

I hope you celebrate every holidays with your family & friend with bubbles of happiness and love. (  : Thank You
New year is about to come.. ( : Brace yourself New Year is coming.. (  : 



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