It’s just on my mind.
Everything really has it’s reasons – sometime right & sometime left. So what would be the word for tonight, aha I know – Responsibility.

So before I will start, what’s responsibility? There are many possible answers depending on how do we understand this word, question is do our understanding on the word is correct, my answer is yes, why? because we don’t have the same responsibilities, because you are doing it , oh for example me writing this.. lols ( :
You’re waiting for my explanation – okay here it is – responsibility is the act of allotting time for an effort or maybe sacrifice that will contribute human material basic needs or even emotional needs which later on will slowly eating your time for yourself (I’m not telling to you to stop) – that will happen if you do have datelines on every responsibility you’re willing to do and accept.

We all do have responsibilities either for ourselves or for anyone, but remember time for responsibilities on everything will never be equally distributed. I’m not sure why’d I came up with those phrase, maybe because my mind is working this time , aha or maybe because I’m observer – whoa – observation is it dangerous?
No it isn’t until it came from your mouth, no it isn’t if you’re not hurting anyone.

Whatever responsibility you have if you’re happy doing it – there will be no problem .. ( :

  • Zy ❤

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