Jebel Jais Feb. 2017

Jebel Jais is the highest peak in the UAE and it’s Friday so (winter is not yet over) , and we did another trek. The fascination to something will never be gone. When you discover something you’ll keep on asking, why is why? ( A never ending question)

Getting there does take forever but its so worth it.


The pathway on the very start are different depending on where do you want to walk into, this is taken on some parts we walked into.


And then we walk through this beautiful view seeing the overseeing the wide range of the ocean from somewhere , nah my cam isn’t that good.


I’ve always wonder why they’re doing this? lols.



visible division of  the above & the ground


A little walk then there’s the rays of the sun.


Upon reaching the top  – freezing cold.. (  : It’s a different kind of experience, my mistake that I’m wearing shorts (below the knee).


In a minute something is falling down , then it was like “It’s snow” I shouted & amazed, I didn’t believe it is , I think it’s a hailstorm, and yes it’s really freezing cold.

As I am wearing shorts , no cover in the face, simple hiking shirt & just  normal cap & the “ice” is really falling heavily  so I got to keep moving or else I will feel numb. Everything in me is cold, literally everything the water, phone, anything.

My Mistake

Wearing shorts , but I do not have regret as I love the weather & I’ve made it, walk to the kind of temperature that’s on the above image..


You might wonder what I am wearing (why I told my mistake).

I am fine and yes I made it again..

Guess what’s on my mind , clue something to eat after a freezing cold day.. (  :

Keep the thought of adventure on the mind, til the action is made .- Zy



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