Wrapping Up

Hiking the passion I’ve just discovered – a bucket list I think I can’t do.
Mountain climbing helped me a lot, the feeling of looking forward to something new after five days of working, the feeling of packing your things for tomorrow.
Climbing I say is quite similar  to life – you’ll never knew what to expect, you just need to push through , and when you’re up there – the summit – Oh yeah there you can see what is it that I am trying to say. 
I’ve climbed 12 mountains and a valley  in 5 months – yey it’s an achievement for me as a beginner. 
I’ve meet a lot people, I’ve talked to people from different part of the world. Sharing laughter & stories.
Hiking is a gathering of strangers turned to friends. (that’s based on experience)
Mountains teaches us, that we are only equal regardless of job, age, gender & race.
I’ve realized I can carry myself walking through steep terrain. XD 
My legs got different layer (you knew what I mean)
I’ve got scratches – oh that’s fine – nothing beats the experience .<3
I’ve collected different photos and kept them , they’re treasure, kept in mind.
The first time I saw a donkey.. (  :
Here’s some photo, you might actually find on my previous post. (   :

I simply
One of my faverite shot – the sun above the middle of the mountain .. ❤
The Ghost Tree .. lols
Me holding the sun
Rock – my hammock
The Sun, The Tree, The Sky & The Mountain
My First Hike
Can i push this rock.. lol
“To someone who haven’t tried mountain climbing he’d probably say you’re risking your life and you get no tangible thing from it. Explaining why you climb to a person who hasn’t been to any mountain is like describing what the world looks like to a blind man. Looking at life from a different vantage point changes its meaning. In the mountains, you always learn something every time, you discover more of you and you become a better version of you. You learn to respect the environment and how to protect it. You get to see amazing places and worship them. Mountain climbing expands your mental and physical limits. You develop incredible strength and endurance. The mountains teaches you patience and perseverance. The struggles and challenges along the paths you take empowers you to become stronger and pushes you to get to the top. It builds your confidence and teaches you to push past your deepest fears. You learn to be humble and enjoy the small luxuries in life. In the mountains, your problems become insignificant. It reminds you how very small you are in comparison to the world that surrounds you when you’re standing at the summit. It is the best way to get to know someone and make amazing friendships. Most people who climb mountains are the best breed of human of beings – positive, strong and happy.When you take the risk and push yourself to the limit, everything tastes better. You feel more accomplished and it makes you appreciate the little things in life.” – One mountaineer once said .
And hopefully one day fingers crossed ; 46.8182° N, 8.2275° E 82.8628° S, 135.0000° E 36.1128° N, 113.9961° W 37.5930° N, 112.1871° W 61.0137° N, 99.1967° E 13.1631° S, 72.5450° W 30.3285° N, 35.4444° E, 64.2008° N, 149.4937° W,
28.3949° N, 84.1240° E, 36.2048° N, 138.2529° E (even if it’s really impossible, we never new teleportation & magic clouds is for real)  ❤
Thanks for visiting my blog..
Feel free to share & comment your thoughts..
Your Writter,
Zy ❤

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