Wadi Shawka 

September 15, 2017

Hi there, it’s been months since the last post I’ve made, aha, I’m still for sometime. As winter is fast approaching we did a beginners hike and trek. 

I woke up at 0400 to prepare and take a bath, waking up that early isn’t normal for me, but the thrill of adventure keeps my mind awake. ☺️ 

It’s almost 5hrs walk, and a little bit of climbing. Ive mentioned that it is beginners hike, but unfortunately due to high temperature 39-40 Degree Celsius, I feel like my is literally cooked. Aha, in general I’ve enjoyed it. 

Here’s. some of the photo, hope you guys will enjoy ;

First image is my favorite, as it looks like somewhere in Arizona

Someone took a picture of me and I love it as the rays of the sun is perfect 

The Wadi

Me on action

Before we start. 

Thanks for reading my post. 


– Zy 😊